Nina Svanberg is sent to monitor the riots in Minneapolis, which started since 46-year-old George Floyd died after a police intervention. reports Expressen.

It was late Friday night, local time, that Nina Svanberg was told that the National Guard would be deployed to prevent the protests. It would also enforce the curfew that was issued earlier in the evening, says Svanberg.

Then she saw how police and police vehicles approached in unison. Nina Svanberg joined a larger group of journalists against the police. Then she was hit by some kind of rubber ball, she says.

Was that intentional, you think?

- It is obvious that we were there and reported. We filmed and shot and were there and worked.

- We had press credentials around our necks. It was not a crowd of people and the protesters had backed down properly, she tells SVT News.

So you mean they must have seen that you were journalists?

- It was obvious that we were there and worked.

How injured are you?

- I have a decent thigh cake.

Tear gas and laser sight

Svenberg says the police shot and then she was exposed to tear gas.

- I collapsed when that happened. Then came the tear gas which causes you to lose orientation.

- Then I and my Norwegian colleague tried to go to an alley with Australian journalists, then we see how the police continue to aim with laser so we should not be safe at the place where we went.

Safety procedures

The Australian team had a security guard with them. Express's editor-in-chief Klas Granström says they have security routines in place.

- Expressen's work includes rigorous security routines and we have made the same assessments as a number of international media who also stood beside us. Nina has been clear that she is part of the press, moved in a group with other journalists and wore a vest and security equipment. Most important now is that Nina is doing well and we continuously evaluate the situation and the conditions for working, he says in an interview in Aftonbladet.