“The contract for the seal of the Libyan dinars was signed in 2015 between Gosznak JSC and the head of the Central Bank of Libya, approved by the Libyan Chamber of Deputies (parliament),” they said in Moscow, stressing that the Libyan side made the necessary prepayment.

Banknotes were sent to the Central Bank in Libyan Tobruk. This money is necessary to maintain the stable functioning of the entire Libyan economy, the Foreign Ministry added.

They recalled that in Libya, in the conditions of dual power, there are two Central Banks.

“One of them is located in Tripoli, where the internationally recognized Government of National Accord, led by Faiz Sarraj, functions. Another Central Bank is located in Benghazi. Its head was appointed by the popularly elected Libyan parliament - the Chamber of Deputies, and accordingly has the necessary international legitimacy, ”the report said.

Thus, according to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the fake are "not Libyan dinars, but American statements."

On May 29, the State Department released a message stating that a batch of Libyan currency with a nominal value of $ 1.1 billion was intercepted in Malta.