The National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM) reports twenty new deaths from the coronavirus in the Netherlands on Saturday. The institute also reports five new hospital admissions.

The number of deaths was less than a week ago, when 23 were reported. There are also fewer hospital admissions than a week ago, when there were ten.

These figures confirm the picture of RIVM that the number of infections with the coronavirus in the Netherlands has been decreasing since the end of March. The number of new patients, hospital admissions, IC admissions and deaths per day indicate this.

RIVM also reports the number of new infections every day. On Saturday it concerns 131 new infections. This brings the total number of people diagnosed with an infection to 46,257.

The death toll due to the coronavirus is currently at 5,951, while 11,727 corona patients have been or have been admitted to a Dutch hospital.

Because not all COVID-19 patients are tested, the actual numbers are greater than RIVM reports.

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