It did not take long to reveal the identity of the Belgian royal family puppy who was the protagonist of the serious and irresponsible episode of a coronavirus case at a private party in Córdoba. This is Prince Joaquin of Belgium , Archduke of Austria-East and seventh in the Belgian throne, as he is the third of the children of Princess Astrid , sister of King Philip of the Belgians, and Archduke Lorenzo of Austria. -This , grandson of Carlos I and Zita de Borbón Parma , last sovereigns of the Austro-Hungarian empire.

Apparently, the prince, a financial analyst by profession, has resided in Andalusia for many years, to be close to his girlfriend, Victoria Ortiz . However, it is known that he has spent the last two months in Belgium and landed in Madrid last Monday, from where he traveled to Córdoba to participate in a private party , together with friends and family of his girlfriend, who wanted to give him the welcome. Thus, the quarantine decreed by the Government of Spain was skipped , even under the state of alarm. Joaquín from Belgium is currently being treated for symptoms of Covid-19. Thirty partygoers have been confined as a precaution . In addition, the Government Sub-delegation in Andalusia has already started the procedures for the corresponding investigation.

Joaquín, like all his brothers, is a rather discreet prince who barely lavishes himself in the media. Nor does he attend many celebrations of the Belgian royal family, beyond the great events that bring together the entire dynasty and, especially, those related to his maternal grandparents, the kings emeritus Alberto II and Paola . But this episode in Spain has put him on the trigger and has already received harsh criticism for his irresponsibility in the Belgian press. And it leaves the royal family of this small European country , where scandals are never lacking, in a very compromised situation . Starting with the trouble of skirts and the long paternity trial that Albert II has recently faced, and continuing with the endless screw-ups of Prince Lorenzo, brother of the current king, considered for decades as the Götha black chickpea . And this despite the tireless efforts of the kings Felipe and Matilde to carry out an impeccable work with extraordinary rectitude and exemplary. Without going any further, in this coronavirus epidemic, the monarchs and their four children, including the crown princess, have always set a great example by engaging in all kinds of acts of support for those most affected by the disease.

For Princess Astrid herself, known for her seriousness and highly valued for her work as a royal emissary for the projection of Belgian international trade, this episode must have been a severe blow, since the irresponsibility and immaturity demonstrated by her son again plunge in the scandal to the Crown and damage the image of the royal family abroad.

Joaquín de Belgium, 28, was born in 1991. He was the third of Princess Astrid's children but, unlike his older brothers, Amadeo and María Luisa , he was already born as a prince and with succession rights due to the legal reform that it had been approved, since Balduino and Fabiola had no descendants.

He has a degree in International Economics, Management and Finance, and also has military training. The prince has close ties to Córdoba , since he has had a romantic relationship with the Spanish Victoria Ortiz for years, as the magazine Hello! She belongs to a well-known family of entrepreneurs in the Andalusian agro-industry sector . The nephew of the Belgian king and the Cordovan have been seen together in different acts and have never hesitated to share on the networks photographs of such spectacular trips as the one that took them last year to Botswana, to enjoy the impressive landscapes and the Wildest fauna on the African continent.

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