• Turn on Floyd in Minneapolis, agent arrested
  • Minneapolis burns, arrested policeman accused of death Floyd
  • Minneapolis, Twitter reports a Trump contribution. And he invokes the law
  • Minneapolis, the arrest of the CNN journalist while documenting the revolt
  • African American suffocated in Minneapolis, the protest degenerates into revolt. Assault on the police station
  • African American suffocated, Minneapolis burning and burning. The mayor: "Send the National Guard"
  • African American dies suffocated during a police arrest: protests and clashes in Minneapolis


30 May 2020 Protests continue in the US for the fourth consecutive day for the killing in Minneapolis by the police of George Floyd. Moments of tension occurred in front of the White House where the lockdown had taken place following the protests of hundreds of people. The secret services, for safety, had closed the US presidential residence also to the press with a 'hard pass'. The climate - as reported by the CNN - became incandescent when agents took away a demonstrator, for reasons still unknown. Several cities where people took to the streets to ask for justice for the killing of the 46-year-old African American. From New York, where people met in front of the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, in Houston, Detroit and Saint Paul. In San Jose, California, demonstrators blocked the passage of cars on the street. Other protests are expected over the weekend, from Iowa to Florida.

Large crowds hit the streets to protest the death of George Floyd in New York City https://t.co/XfTRr1y2r3 pic.twitter.com/dQDfXlWOCO

- CBS News (@CBSNews) May 29, 2020
Minneapolis. Mayor Announces Mandatory Weekend Curfew
After three consecutive nights of widespread and growing protests and looting, and hundreds of businesses damaged or destroyed by fire, Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey has announced a mandatory night curfew for this weekend. To report it is the site of the local CBS. The measure covers all public places, including roads, and extends from 8 to 6 in the morning, starting from tonight and will also remain on Saturday evening. While a weekend-long curfew was ordered in Minneapolis, the same ban was imposed in two other cities in Missouri, St. Paul and Roseville. 

New video on social media, three agents above Floyd
A new video published on social media, also reported by CNN, shows that during the arrest operation three agents blocked George Floyd with his knees, to the point of causing his death. So far, only one agent, Derek Chauvin, has been indicted and arrested, while three others are under investigation. The report reported that Chauvin had his knee on Floyd's neck for 8 minutes and 46 seconds in total, and 2 minutes and 53 seconds after Floyd no longer reacted. The FBI has asked Twitter for assistance from the population in investigating the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis by posting photos or videos of the incident.

St. Paul, Minnesota, Mayor Melvin Carter says the charges against the fired Minneapolis police officer seen in a video with his knee on George Floyd's neck is a "good start," but "it's not enough."

"We need to see the other three officers held accountable as well." pic.twitter.com/hXeJY2k7zd

- CNN (@CNN) May 29, 2020
Senate hearing on police force use soon Senate
Justice Committee chairman Lindsey Graham has announced a hearing on police use of force after the racially motivated killing by African American George Floyd in Minneapolis. In a note, Graham explained that he had discussed it with number two on the panel, Democratic Senator Dianne Feinstein, and both agreed on the need "to audition as soon as possible to decide how to fight this outrage."

Trump: "Heard Floyd family". On the protests: "Ok to the peaceful ones, but no to chaos"
The American president, Donald Trump, has communicated that he has spoken with George Floyd's family. "I talked to family members, fantastic people," he said. The tycoon had been criticized for previous Twitter comments in which he attacked protesters. In his latest comments, Trump corrected the shot and made it clear that he supported peaceful protests, but said that "we cannot allow a situation like the one in Minneapolis to further fall into anarchy and chaos without law." "I understand the pain, I understand the pain. People have gone through many. George's family has the right to justice and the people of Minnesota have the right to live safely," said the head of the White House.