US media said President Donald Trump instructed the military police to prepare to deploy in Minneapolis, Minnesota if the security situation deteriorated, while Amnesty International accused Trump of racism.

The Pentagon has ordered military police units at the Fort Bragg, North Carolina, and Fort Drum bases in New York State to be stationed in Minneapolis within 4 hours if an order is issued, the Associated Press quoted an informed source as saying.

After his contact with President Trump and Defense Secretary Mark Esper issued orders in this regard orally and addressed possible military options to contain the protests, according to the same source.

The city of Minneapolis is witnessing demonstrations for a third day in protest against the killing of an African-American citizen, George Floyd, by a policeman.

The state's director of public safety confirmed that policemen were randomly wounded during the protests.

For his part, Minnesota Governor Tim Walls confirmed the deployment of the state's National Guard because of the seriousness of the situation there.

Walls said he understood the anger that followed the killing of George Floyd at the hands of a policeman, but said that the protests had turned from lawful into chaos, calling it brutality, and called on demonstrators to leave the streets and not defy curfews in the city.

The Mayor of Minneapolis, in turn, called on citizens to put an end to what he called acts of violence, and said that state security and other institutions are doing everything they can to secure citizens and prevent violence.

The extent of the protests

In Washington, American media said that the Secret Service closed the White House because of the gathering of demonstrators in front of it and in its vicinity, in protest against the killing of George Floyd, and there were frictions between the police and protesters who tried to go towards the White House.

In this context, local media reported the killing of a protester and a policeman in protests in the state of Michigan and California over the killing of Floyd.

In Michigan, a young man was shot and killed by unknown source while participating in a demonstration, while a California policeman was killed and another was wounded in a shooting operation targeting a federal government building.

In Houston, Texas, police arrested about two hundred protesters, who said they had blocked roads in the city to protest the killing of Floyd.

In a related context, Houston police confirmed that four officers were injured in the attacks, which they said were random, without providing further details. They also confirmed that police cars were burned, and the Houston police chief said he would not allow chaos in the city.

Meanwhile, Amnesty International, in a Twitter Tweet, called on US President Donald Trump to stop what she described as racist rhetoric and incitement to violence.

The organization attached its tweet to a picture of Trump's tweet, in which he promised to shoot at the so-called bandits demonstrators in the city of Minneapolis.