The start of the F1 season is approaching. Several sources reported on Saturday that the long-awaited formula season will begin in just over a month in Salzburg, Austria. The race is already licensed by the Austrian government.

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A double weekend should be run in front of the empty stands, ie on 5 and 12 July.

Two-time world champion Mika Häkkinen sees his compatriot Valtteri Bottas as a pre-favorite of the stump season.

- Valtter has a great position at Mercedes. He is a top good driver, and I am very confident that he is now better than ever, Häkkinen jolted F1 Nation podcast.

Mika Häkkinen seems to trust Valtteri Bottas like a mountain.

Photo: Sami Kero / HS

Häkkinen's statement is surprising in that Bottas' job at Mercedes has been predicted to be in jeopardy. On the other hand, Häkkinen, 51, has been one of Bottas' background forces for years.

Several insider sources have hinted that either Sebastian Vettel, who will be released from Ferrari, or George Russell, marinated in Mercedes ’own driver program, would rob 30-year-old Bottas instead of Grand Master Lewis Hamilton next year.

Botta, meanwhile, has been rumored to have taken the middle caste to stables, including Renault.

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Häkkinen refers to rumors boiling beneath the surface. He believes Bottas snaps his skeptics.

He hopes that a new royal world champion will finally be brought to Finland. The last time a Finnish driver celebrated the world championship was in 2007, when Kimi Räikkönen grabbed the World Championship title on Ferrari.

- I have extremely high expectations that he will be this year's world champion - we have been working for it for years. Valtter has all the features and tools to achieve it. He has worked hard, Häkkinen glowed.