Yun Mi-hyang, a Democratic Party elect, explained the suspicions surrounding himself and the Justice Memory Alliance. President-elect Yoon rebutted all kinds of suspicions, but made clear that he would continue to be prosecutors while maintaining his position as a member of the National Assembly starting today (30th).

Reporter Park Ha-jung reports.

<Reporter> At

the press conference of the National Assembly, Yoon Mi-hyang, the elected Democratic Party leader, continued to refute the "not true" list of allegations raised.

[Yoon Mi-hyang / Democratic Party President-elect: It is not true that he never delivered money raised for victims for the purpose of providing cash.]

Also, he repeated the existing claim that the council for the Financial Crisis was never useful in private.

The suspicion of deliberately buying the Anseong Shelter was not true, and he explained that he had cut the house that the owner of the house built for 700 million won to 900 million won for "good job" and cut it to 750 million won.

President-elect Yoon denied most of the allegations and crimes, except that he received a grant from his personal account and admitted that hiring his father to Anseong Shelter was wrong.

Lee Yong-soo told her to ask for forgiveness.

[Yoon Mi-hyang / In addition, the Democratic Party-elect: I didn't give enough trust to my grandmother to feel like a traitor, and I still want to convey my apology

to my grandmother .] I made it clear that I would respond.

[Yoon Mi-hyang / In addition, the Democratic Party-elect: I will take the corresponding responsibility if there is a mistake. I will work evidently and responsibly until the people understand it.]

President-elect Yun becomes a member of the National Assembly starting today.