• Interview.Ágatha about Luis Miguel Rodríguez's debt with the Treasury: "The poor are saving like crazy"
  • Couple Ágatha Ruiz de la Prada and Luis Miguel Rodríguez: final break after two years of relationship
  • Problems.Carmen Martínez Bordiú, 'victim' of the junkyard's debts

Luis Miguel Rodríguez The junkyard (63) has made news again, but this time, not because of his flirtations or love affairs with celebrities, but because of his private collection of cars that he puts up for auction to pay his debts with the Treasury. The ex-boyfriend of Carmen Martínez Bordiú and Ágatha Ruiz de la Prada owns La Torre, the largest and most modern scrapping yard in Spain, One million square meters with a cafeteria included where they leave your car reduced to the size of a cube. There you find all kinds of engine jewels, from a 95 gearbox to the rarest hubcap. If in Desguaces La Torre they don't have it, forget it.


Aznar's car. The Audi V8 José María Aznar, the subject of an ETA bomb in April 1995, is one of the pieces of the collection to be auctioned Luismi. The excellent armor of the vehicle saved the life of Aznar, then head of the opposition in Spain. The car was destroyed and was sold to Desguaces La Torre. Luismi wanted it to be part of a museum that he was building next to the enormous facilities of the scrapyard in Torrejón de la Calzada, but he could never finish it due to urban problems. He was going to fill the museum with the famous Audi and plenty of other cars: from construction trucks to 46 historic vehicles , such as some used by Franco during the dictatorship, as well as racing cars. A Ferrari 355 Spider, a 1924 Hispano Suiza or a 1900 Renault Fredes Billantcourt are the crown jewels.

José María Aznar's armored Audi.IAG AUCTIONS

The auction will be done through IAG Auctions in five sections depending on the type. Lots of high-end trucks and cars will be auctioned between June 25-30. The other two, between July 2 and July 7.


Estate. Desguaces La Torre has spent years with serious economic problems , in bankruptcy since 2018 for a debt with the Treasury of 21.9 million euros. Luismi wants to pay off his debts as soon as possible. "The auction is promoted by me to get out of the bankruptcy. I think it will work very well because there is important material," he told Vanitatis. If everything goes as expected, The Recycler, as Ágatha Ruiz de la Prada calls him, will be able to start breathing and continue calmly with the conquests that are so good for him.

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