German Chancellor Angela Merkel has rejected President Trump's invitation to hold a summit in seven major countries in the United States, Politico, an American political media, reported.

Politico quoted a spokesman for the German Prime Minister's Office as saying, "Mr. Merkel expressed his appreciation for President Trump's invitation to the G7 summit in Washington next month, but declined to visit Washington considering the spread of Corona19." .

Previously, President Trump initially reviewed the online summit in relation to the G7 summit next month, but expressed his intention to change positions and open offline.

As a result, the U.S. government, chairman of the G7 summit this year, has pushed for a plan to hold a meeting in Washington for two days from next month's 25th month.

Politico reportedly reported that French President Emmanuel Macron was also sympathetic to holding the G7 meeting face-to-face in a call with President Trump.

Politico quoted sources of revenge and said President Trump was furious when Prime Minister Merkel reacted negatively to the invitation.

Merkel is 65 years old this year and the second oldest among the G7 leaders after President Trump, who is 73 years old.