Donald Trump cuts ties with WHO

Donald Trump at the White House, April 14, 2020. That day, the American president made the decision to stop contributing to the funding of the WHO. REUTERS / Leah Millis

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In his speech on China, the president again accused the World Health Organization of having played a role in the spread of the coronavirus pandemic and of not having warned other countries in time. Donald Trump therefore withdraws his country from contributors to the WHO, or 15% of the organization's budget.


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With our correspondent in Geneva,  Jérémie Lanche

The threat had been brewing for several weeks already. On Tuesday April 14, the American president announced the suspension of the American contribution to the WHO. It is now recorded. Donald Trump withdraws the United States from the institution.

"  China has total control over the WHO,  " said the American president, in a muscular speech where he announced several measures to counter Chinese influence in the United States. Despite the fact that it only pays $ 40 million a year, while the United States pays $ 450 million. We have detailed the reforms she needs to carry out at WHO, but she has refused to act. We are therefore suspending our relations with the organization and we will now dedicate these funds to other global health emergencies.  "

For the WHO, it is another blow. The agency will now have to fight on two fronts at the same time: that of the pandemic, and that of the wallet ...

China could take the place

Should we see this as a coincidence? However, a few days before Donald Trump's statement, the WHO launched a foundation to diversify its funding. 80% comes from voluntary contributions from States or from the private sector. So they are the ones who largely decide which programs they want to fund. With this foundation, the WHO hopes to regain a little autonomy vis-à-vis its partners.

The American contribution represents just over $ 400 million a year, or 15% of the WHO budget. Almost ten times more than what China puts. The American withdrawal of Donald Trump could from this point of view be counterproductive. By encouraging Beijing to fill the void left by Washington. The Chinese president has already called on the international community to increase its political and financial support for WHO.

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