In Washington, according to US media, the Special Secret Service police have closed the White House, and no one is allowed to enter or leave the area.

The closure must have been caused by hundreds of protesters gathered outside the White House and police intervening against at least one protester.

Curfew after riots

In Minneapolis, the mayor, Democrat Jacob Frey, announced on Friday that curfews are being introduced, reports the media company Star Tribune in Minneapolis. The curfew will start at 8pm local time and will be valid until 6am.

The curfew will also apply for the night until Sunday.

The ban is introduced since the situation in Minneapolis and the twin city of Saint Paul worsened overnight on Friday and degenerated into chaotic riot scenes, vandalism and ravages. A police station is on fire in Minneapolis Third District. The armed presence of the Minnesota National Guard could not stop the destruction and had to retreat in the dark of night.

Violations of the curfew are punishable by 90 days in jail or $ 1,000, close to SEK 9,500 in fines.

Trump has spoken to the family

President Donald Trump said late Friday that he has spoken to the relatives of the victim.

"I've talked to the family, fantastic people," he said according to AFP.

- I understand the damage, I understand the pain. They have really gone through a lot. George's family is eligible for justice, and the people of Minnesota are eligible to live in safety, Trump said.