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Ángel Gabilondo is an extremely methodical politician. Every week the PSOE spokesperson in the Madrid Assembly comes to the Plenary with his intervention written in a few pages that he reads to the letter. Always adopt an institutional tone, there is no controversy . The heat of a parliamentary debate has never led him to say anything he did not want to say.

That is why his statements on Thursday leaving the door open for the first time to a possible censure motion against the regional president, the popular Isabel Díaz Ayuso, resounded with special stridency. “It is not doing its job well and the management is not good either . If this continues in that direction, we do not exclude that possibility, ”said the winner of the last regional elections and, nevertheless, leader of the opposition.

For Gabilondo to have any option to cross access to Puerta del Sol, the seat of the Madrid government, it would need Citizen support to begin with . And there they have already rushed to publicly warn him not to count on them.

"I believe that all the rumor mill and interested messages of the last days must be cut off at the roots, and I am going to do it today and as many times as necessary: we are not going to support any censure motion," said Ignacio Aguado, a partner in Ayuso coalition and leader of the orange formation in the region. "We are not going to support any party that seeks to destroy and not build," he added in statements to the press, reports Europa Press.

Speculations about a hypothetical pact in Madrid between the PSOE and Cs to unseat the PP from the Presidency were unleashed a few weeks ago as a result of the state agreement between Pedro Sánchez and Inés Arrimadas to prolong the state of alarm. Some went so far as to put a date and everything on May 25, which has passed without the two groups having had any formal or informal contacts of any kind, as EL MUNDO has been able to contrast.

The only movements that have taken place so far have been the sending of a document with general measures for the reconstruction of the region that Gabilondo sent two weeks ago to all the groups with representation in the Assembly and the call made this Friday by Aguado to hold a meeting next week with all the spokespersons in which to know "their proposals for the coming months". That was it.

The PP distanced itself from an eventual appointment to various gangs assuring that it will not sit at the table with parties like Podemos or Más Madrid, which are taking the "regional government to the courts and investigative commissions to do circuses," in the deputy's words. Alfonso Serrano. In addition, from the Ayuso environment they warned that if the vice president goes ahead with said meeting he will have to do it on behalf of Cs and not the Executive .

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