May 30, 2020

"The complexity of what we had to face did not tolerate recipes or textbook answers", "the pain of our people hurt us, its uncertainties struck us, our common fragility stripped us of any false idealistic or spiritualistic complacency, as well as of every attempt at Puritan flight. Nobody is extraneous to everything that happens. We can say that we lived the hour of the Lord's weeping in community ". This is what Pope Francis writes in a letter to the Roman priests.

You are not drenched by the storm You have fled
The Pope thanks the priests because in this time of pandemic, although "drenched by the storm", they remained close to the people. "We all listened to the numbers and percentages that assailed us day after day - the Pope wrote - we touched the pain of our people with our hands. What came was not distant: the statistics had names, faces, shared stories. Presbyterial community we were not strangers to this reality and we were not looking at it at the window; drenched by the storm that raged - Pope Francis underlines - you have made efforts to be present and accompany your communities: you have seen the wolf coming and you are not have fled nor have you left the flock. "

Pandemic has no boundaries, nobody
gets by alone "The pandemic knows no adjectives, no boundaries and no one can think of getting by alone. We are all affected and involved" concludes Pope Francis.