• Trump: "China is incompetent or did not want to stop the coronavirus"
  • Coronavirus. In the USA over 90 thousand dead. Trump threatens definitive stop to funds and WHO membership
  • Covid-19, Trump: vaccine within the year or perhaps earlier
  • WHO, Beijing responds to Trump: the US unloads responsibility


May 30, 2020 Another 1,225 deaths from coronavirus have occurred in the US in the past 24 hours, compounding the overall toll of 102,798 deaths. The number of US infections has reached 1.75 million out of 5.9 million worldwide.

Trump: "We will end our relationship with WHO"
US President Donald Trump has announced that he will terminate his relations with the World Health Organization (WHO) with immediate effect for his management of the new coronavirus pandemic. In a press conference dedicated to the relationship with China, Trump accused the UN agency of being submissive to Beijing. "Many people died and serious economic damage was caused because of how China interacted with the new coronavirus crisis," he attacked.

We are terminating our relationship with the World Health Organization, which acts at the behest of China. pic.twitter.com/QmTKmsLSbP

- The White House (@WhiteHouse) May 29, 2020

Hydroxychloroquine medical prescriptions
have risen by 214% Hydroxychloroquine medical prescriptions have risen by 214%, the antimalarial that President Donald Trump has declared to have taken as a preventive treatment against coronavirus although many doctors question its effectiveness. It emerges from an analysis published in the Journal of the American Medical Association. The number of medical prescriptions for hydroxychloroquine rose from 2,208 in a week in March 2019 to 45,858 from 15 to 21 March, according to data collected by Brigham and Womens's Hospital in Boston, the Veteran's Administration Healthcare System and GoodRx. In France, hydroxychloroquine was banned against Covid and the World Health Organization also advised against its use.

Wall Street Journal: Healed Blood Samples
Sold for Thousand Dollars Each one milliliter blood sample of the coronavirus-cured blood needed to create antibody tests is sold for up to one thousand dollars. The Wall Street Journal wrote this, citing the manager of a San Diego company, Stefanie Lenart-Dellezotte, which produces serological tests. Other blood brokers have reported to the WSJ that they have paid even higher amounts for convalescent plasma samples.