• Coronavirus. New record of infections in Brazil: 26,417 new cases in 24 hours
  • WHO: "Latin America has become the epicenter of the pandemic"


May 30, 2020 An increasingly dramatic situation in Brazil where the number of coronavirus deaths has risen to 27,878. The latest John Hopkins University update shows that the death toll in Brazil is more serious than in Spain where deaths are 27,121. Contagions in Brazil reached 438,238.

Chile. Nearly one thousand deaths from Covid-19 
In Chile the number of victims is almost one thousand (944) and the infections have exceeded 90 thousand (90,638). In the last 24 hours 3,695 cases have been recorded and 54 people have died in the South American country which has 18 million inhabitants. The day before, 49 people had died. Most of the deceased patients are older people with other conditions, but authorities recently pointed out that half of the people infected in the past few weeks were under 40 years old and represent 12% of hospitalizations. The number of people healed is at 38,598. The capital Santiago, with its 7 million inhabitants, concentrates over 80% of cases. The number of people hospitalized in the country is 1,350, including 1,143 in intensive care (with 90% employment), according to health authorities. 

In Mexico3,227 other cases were registered. The balance thus rises to 84,627. The deaths - in the 24 hours - were 371 for a total of 9,415.