The mayor of Minneapolis, Minnesota, announced a curfew in the city until Monday morning, with renewed protests in the city after the announcement of the arrest of police officer Derek Chauvin, and the charge of unintentional killing.

Demonstrations also erupted in several American cities to protest the death of an African-American citizen, George Floyd, during his police detention in Minneapolis. Minneapolis, New York, Denver, and Atlanta witnessed angry demonstrations.

And the mayor of Minneapolis, Jacob Frye, announced a curfew in the city that starts at 8 pm Friday local time.

The demonstrations come after the announcement of the arrest of police officer Derek Chauven and the charge of unintentional killing.

Minneapolis turned into a battleground (Reuters)

Trump condolences and threatens
and US President Donald Trump said earlier that what happened with George Floyd is very sad, and that he spoke to his family, and he felt the pain they were experiencing.

"The Floyd family deserves justice, and the people of Minneapolis deserve to live in safety," Trump said to the grieving family.

In tweets on his Twitter account, Trump said he could not allow the situation in Minnesota to slip into chaos, and looting should not be allowed to spoil the peaceful protest.

For his part, the governor of Minnesota said that Trump's tweets do not help to contain the crisis, and we do not need the army and the situation is heading for calm.

As for the potential Democratic presidential candidate, Joe Biden, he criticized Trump's handling of developments in the killing of George Floyd, and said that he calls for violence in a painful moment for many.

For its part, Amnesty International, in a tweet, called on the American president to desist from what she described as racist rhetoric and incitement to violence.

The organization attached its tweet to a picture of Trump's tweet, in which he promised to shoot at what he called "the bandits demonstrating in the city of Minneapolis."

In turn, systematic behavior , the US House of Representatives Judicial Committee asked the Department of Justice to investigate what it described as systematic misconduct with the police, after repeated cases of African Americans being killed by police officers.

In a letter to Attorney General William Barr, the Democrat-dominated commission demanded an investigation of local law enforcement authorities in the US states, which witnessed killings of African Americans.

The letter added that the recurrence of these incidents raises questions about whether the police are involved in conducting conduct that violates the US constitution.

The Minnesota governor had called in the National Guard to help restore security, after two days of violent protests in Minneapolis over the death of a black man seen in a video recording as he struggled to catch his breath, while a white police officer crouched his knee above his neck.