China News Service, May 30, according to US media reports, an African-American man Freud was violently enforced by the police and died shortly after being sent to the hospital. The autopsy report of official documents stated that Freud ’s death may have been affected by the kneeling of the police involved, as well as its potential health problems including heart disease. On the other hand, Freud's family has also hired a forensic expert to prepare for another autopsy.

The police's kneel killing of the man triggered a multi-state protest in the United States. On May 28, local time, in the city of Oakland, California, the people held a demonstration outside the Oakland Police Department.

  On the 29th, three police officers “kneeled and pressed” Freud to the ground. At that time, Freud was asking the police to release him, but was ignored. One of the policemen has been arrested and charged with third-degree murder and manslaughter.

  According to the prosecution document, an autopsy report stated that Freud was affected by "(police) kneeling, potential narcotic substances in the body, and his own potential health problems, including heart disease and other comprehensive factors, which ultimately led to his death.

  The report stated that the report did not show any evidence of suffocation or "traumatic asphyxia", nor other details about narcotic substances. The results may take several weeks.

  At the same time, Freud's family has hired Michael Baden, a former chief forensic physician in New York, for an independent autopsy. Baden said he expects to have an autopsy next week.