An AFP news agency reported on Tuesday that a police officer arrested an unarmed black man in arrest in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA.

AFP said Derek Shawbin, a former Minneapolis police officer, was arrested, according to Minnesota Public Security Commissioner John Harrington.

"We just received information from the former Bureau of Criminal Arrest (BCA) that we have detained a police officer named Derek Shobin," said Harrington.

Derek Shawbin was the person who pressed the neck of George Floyd's neck with his knees, killed during police arrests on the 25th.

The class 3 murder and accidental murder charges were applied.

Four Minneapolis police officers, including Shavin, arrested Floyd after they were sent out after receiving reports of counterfeit money.

Among them, a video of Shobin's handcuffed and kneeling over Floyd's neck for more than 5 minutes was released, and in this video, Floyd appealed, "I can't breathe, don't kill me."

Floyd, who complained of the pain, bleeded shortly, never moved, was taken to the hospital, but died.

Shobin also revealed that there were 18 complaints in the Minneapolis Police Department's internal affairs department.

However, the details of the complaints were not disclosed.

All four police officers involved in the case have been dismissed.

CNN reported that Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison said he expects prosecutions to be brought against police officers, including Shobin.

Attorney General Ellison pointed out that the case is currently being examined by the Hennapin County Attorney's Office, not by himself.

"They want to be sure to get a convicted conviction and unfortunately it's taking more time than we want," said Ellison.

Local police and prosecutors, as well as the Federal Attorney General and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), have begun investigating the case, but no charges have been made against the police involved.

"We have to go through all the evidence and come to a meaningful conclusion," said Henna Pin County's prosecutor Michael Freeman. "We are doing our best to the best of our ability."

He added, "We will investigate it as promptly and as thoroughly as justice demands." "The video was vivid, terrifying and terrible."