About five months after its first appearance in China, the number of new cases of Covid-19 caused by the emerging corona virus today exceeded six million, according to the statistics website "WorldMeter".

The site reported that the death toll from the global epidemic reached 366,365 cases, while more than 2.6 million people were cured of the disease.

The numbers only reflect part of the actual number of injuries, as many countries conduct examinations only for the most serious cases, while other countries give priority to conducting tests to track contacts with the injured.

Despite these numbers, many countries still announce successively reducing their procedures and lifting the restrictions that they imposed during the past weeks to confront the epidemic.

Praying at the Prophet’s Mosque
In Saudi Arabia, the Presidency of the Two Holy Mosques announced - via its Twitter account Friday - the approval of the plan for the gradual opening of the Prophet’s Mosque as of Sunday.

She explained that the plan includes limiting the opening of the mosque to expansions and squares only without the old campus, while continuing to suspend entry to the honorable kindergarten, noting that the plan is also based on promoting the entrance of worshipers to the mosque with no more than 40% of its capacity.

In Sudan, the government announced today the record of the highest daily toll since the virus was discovered, with 38 new deaths in Corona, in addition to 175 infections.

A statement of the Ministry of Health said that the total number of injuries rose to 4 thousand 521, while the number of deaths rose to 233, and with the recovery of 816.

In Egypt, the government announced 34 deaths in Corona within the past 24 hours, in addition to 1,289 infections, the highest daily toll since the virus was discovered in the country.

The ministry said - in a statement - that the total number of injuries rose to 22,82, including 879 deaths, 5 thousand and 511 recovery cases.

Tragedy in Yemen For
its part, Lisa Grande, Humanitarian Coordinator in Yemen said today that the Corona virus is spreading all over the country without deterrence or reducing its severity.

In a press release, Grandi added that "a tragedy is unfolding in Yemen, and it is impossible to know the exact number of injured people without adequate examinations, and all we know is that hospitals are being forced to return the injured, and there is a shortage of everything."

According to the statement, preliminary reports from the intensive care units indicate that the death rate reaches about 20% of injuries, compared to the global average of 7%.

An Asian
sound alert was issued in Asia Friday for a second wave of infections. South Korea - the country often given a model for managing the epidemic - imposed restrictions Thursday, at a time when it was restoring normal life in February, the country worst hit by the epidemic after China.

After the number of injuries increased on Thursday, the gardens and museums were closed for two weeks, and the number of students in classes in the Seoul metropolitan area was reduced.

On Sunday, Sri Lanka will also re-impose isolation measures, after registering the largest daily death toll, most of them among foreign nationals.

The American Continent The continent is experiencing a rapid spread of the Corona virus, with more than a thousand deaths recorded in 24 hours in both the United States and Brazil.

The United States has crossed the threshold of 100,000 deaths, to remain the country most affected by the epidemic in terms of injuries (more than 1.7 million injuries) and deaths (101 thousand and 621, including 1297 Thursday), and the case curve returned to rise on Wednesday and Thursday.

New York is the most affected city in the world, but the US capital, Washington, seems relatively immune to the spread of the epidemic, and Friday began lifting restrictions.

Also Thursday, Brazil recorded more than a thousand deaths within 24 hours, for the sixth consecutive day, raising the total to 26,754.

The country also recorded a record number of injuries within 24 hours, amounting to 26 thousand and 417, bringing the total number of injuries to about 440 thousand. In a country where there is a shortage of exams, the real numbers may be 15 times greater than official numbers, according to scientists.

Lifting restrictions
On the other hand, the lifting of isolation continues in an advanced manner in other countries, such as Austria, with the reopening of hotels and tourist sites. In Turkey, mosques were partially reopened, despite the announcement by the Ministry of the Interior of a curfew imposed on Saturday and Sunday in 14 major governorates.

Denmark also announced that it will reopen its borders to German, Norwegian and Icelandic nationals on June 15.

In France, the government allowed the reopening of parks, bars and restaurants, which had been closed since mid-March, while maintaining some restrictions, especially in and around Paris.

In the capital, Paris, it will be possible to sip coffee in the outer courtyards of cafes, and Prime Minister Edouard Philippe said, "Ultimately, freedom will return to form the base, and the ban will be the exception."

In Britain, as of Monday, schools and shops will reopen, and a maximum of six people will be allowed to gather in an open space, provided that two meters between each person is respected.

European Leagues
Athletically, the English Premier League was resumed on June 17, and the Italian League on June 20.

This will come days after the La Liga resume (June 8). Germany was the first European country to resume football matches in mid-May, and it will resume its women's championship on Friday.

The external borders of the European Union remain closed, but its internal borders will be reopened disorderly.