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A 10-year-old girl died in eastern Algeria during a violent exorcism session ( roqya ), a case that has aroused the stir among many internet users, since the arrest of the "healer" on Thursday Or raki . The prosecution of Guelma, located 500 km east of Algiers, announced the arrest of an individual who practices roqya , after the death of a 10-year-old girl "who was subjected to ill-treatment during a roqya in which she was subjected to in her family home ”.

According to a statement by the public prosecutor's office reproduced by the media, the girl died on arrival at the emergency department of Guelma hospital, "the girl's body bore traces of beatings and burns". The prosecution ordered an autopsy and the opening of an investigation, the same source said.

An "abominable act committed by a charlatan"

On social networks, many internet users have expressed their anger after the girl's death during a "torture session" at the hands of a 28-year-old "executioner" in Guelma. The Algerian radio correspondent in the neighboring city of Constantine condemned an "abominable act committed by a charlatan". "Until when will these crimes continue," she wondered again on her Facebook page.

Many on this social network denounced minimal media coverage of the drama "despite the cruelty of the facts committed by this charlatan". "We are going to pretend for a long time not to see (...), the ten year old girl tortured and killed by a raki in Guelma? “Also raised on his Facebook page the journalist Akram Kharief, director of the MENA Defense site.

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