As usual, Netflix, with the addition of new works available for viewing, will soon delete other works whose validity has expired according to its licensing agreement and does not intend to renew them. But this time it intends to abandon interesting movies that are worth watching, even at least once. If you are a follower of the popular broadcasting platform, we recommend that you watch the films of this list before deleting them in succession next June.

the Super heroes

In recent years, the Marvel World films series that tell about superheroes have become very popular in the public, including the Avengers movie series, as they include a large number of stars and then superheroes, such as Iron Man, Green Man, Captain America and Doctor. String, Spider-Man, and others.

In this series, Netflix chose to abandon Part Three, which was dubbed "Avengers: Infinity War." And its events revolve around the avengers standing up to the evil represented by "Thanos" who wants to destroy the earth, by competing for the six stones of infinite strength, which will enable their possessions to rule the universe.

The Stuttering King

"The King's Speech" is a British historical movie, which shows real events that took place around King George VI, who came to power suddenly and without preparation, after his brother abdicated the ruling to complete his marriage to a divorced woman. And when the king was suffering from stuttering, his situation became critical to the people, especially since the radio had spread at the time as a means of communication, which coincided with the fact that the country was just around the corner from the outbreak of the Second World War.

This required the king to give motivational speeches to the ears of the people, but how can a stuttering person do that, especially since he himself does not have confidence in himself? That dilemma is what the story of the movie that starred was attributed to Colin Firth, and his makers were able to achieve tremendous artistic success at the time of its release. He even won four Oscars, seven British BAFTA awards and a Golden Globe award.

The body of a bride

"Corpse Bride" is an animated film and one of the masterpieces of director Tim Burton, so that the vocal performance in it has been assigned to Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter, and it is suitable for family viewing despite being a member of the horror category. His story revolves in the eighteenth century, and her hero is a young man about to marry, and while practicing the word of his wedding in a forest, he accidentally places the wedding ring on the finger of a bride's skeleton, to become a couple and then move with her to life in the other world, and the events continue.

The end of the world with American eyes

"Outbreak", which was released in 1995, is one of the films that dealt with the idea of ​​epidemics, and the work has received exceptional fame in recent months, due to the similarity of a large part of its events with the pandemic of "Corona" which broke out in the world recently.

The work revolves around a strange deadly virus that appears in Africa in the late sixties before it disappears and re-emerges in the early nineties, and then it spreads quickly all over the world, especially as it is transmitted by coughing and sneezing, so do scientists find the appropriate treatment before it is too late?

Justice or retribution?

In the presence of director Clint Eastwood, the trio Sean Penn and Tim Robins and Kevin Becken presented one of the finest films in the world cinema, "Mystic River", who won two Oscars and two Golden Globe awards in addition to his nomination for the British BAFTA.

The work tells the story of three friends from childhood, separated by days before they return to meet together after 25 years after the death of one of their daughter. Despite assigning the crime investigation to the father who works in the police, he is controlled by the idea of ​​revenge against the one who committed that brutal act against his daughter, but what he did not expect is that the fingers of the accusations point to one of his friends!

Caution does not prevent fate

"Final Destination" is a horror movie with a lot of excitement and suspense, its events revolve in a supernatural atmosphere, the story of her hero is someone who has a gift that makes him see the future during his dreams. So when he dreams about a horrific accident that causes him and his friends to die, he decides to warn everyone that they may deceive death.

But the inescapable destiny is chasing them, to witness a series of tragic events that everyone will die for. Because of the huge public success achieved by the film, its makers decided to provide other parts, the number of which had reached five parts, all of which are currently available on Netflix, although they will be deleted together.

The legend of "Dragon Warrior"

"Kung Fu Panda 2" is the second part of an animated series that combines adventure and comedy, centered on "Po" who works as a cook but dreams of becoming a hero in the "Five Angry" team, especially with his passion for "Kung Fu" ". So when he announces a competition to choose "Dragon Warrior", Bo decides to participate in the show, and while he fails to enter the stage, he is chosen as a dragon warrior due to a mistake.

From here begins his journey with the teacher "Che" who is responsible for training him to be worthy of dealing with the evil that threatens the city. Will "Pooh" achieve the impossible despite his scant physical capabilities, or will everyone discover his truth?

Women are warriors

If you are a fan of documentaries, perhaps you should watch "Asmani Malala", as it is an inspiring movie suitable for viewing from adults and children. It revolves around the Pakistani activist, Malala Youssefzai, who won the Nobel Peace Prize in 2014 after fighting a war to defend the right of Pakistani girls to education, which resulted in a bullet wound, but she was not afraid or surrendered and continued in her endeavor.