The 21st National Assembly term began today (30th).

In addition to the 'Super ruling party' that secured a stable majority of 177 seats, the National Assembly will perform legislative activities in the bipartisan composition of the Democratic Party and the first opposition party, the Future United Party.

In order to overcome the situation in Corona 19, the first step in the narrowing is to predict the rough road from the original composition to the sharp nerve war.

The Democratic Party is insisting on opening the statutory deadline on the 5th, with the view that it can turn all standing chairmen to the ruling party for the role of responsible party.

However, the UN opposition party said that the ruling party should not occupy the judiciary and preliminary committees, which act as checks for the ruling party.

Even if the 21st National Assembly is open, it seems that the third round of the draft plan, which the government is planning to submit to the National Assembly in early June, will be an issue.

The government and the ruling party are planning to step forward to speed up the response to the crisis, but the unified party is predicting a microscopic examination considering fiscal soundness.

It is also observed that the opposition of the opposition parties, including the ruling party's 'working law of parliament', the issue of appointment of the chief of the airlift, and the opposition party's request for an investigation by the opposition party on the alleged suspicion of Democratic Party leader Yoon Mi-hyang, are inevitable.