A young French brother who was playing 'treasure hunting' at his grandmother's house found a real treasure.

Foreign media, including BMF TV in France on the 22nd of the local time, reported that 10-year-old children who had been sequestering themselves in the grandmother's home in Center have discovered expensive gold bars.

When the French authorities tightened the containment guidelines in March, the brother's family moved to their grandmother's house to take care of the older grandmother. However, when they stayed in a quiet and peaceful house, the children quickly became bored and decided to build a fortress by collecting all the debris in the house.

Brothers scattered around the house in search of great looking objects to build a glowing fortress found something wrapped in old paper. And the children who took things to show to their father soon discovered that they had found something incredible. The thing that I thought was the grandmother's antique was the two big 'gold bars'.
This gold ingot was said to have been bought by a brother's grandmother in 1967 and was lost a long time ago. My father took the gold bullion to a local auction, Mr. Phillip, who analyzed that two gold bars weighing 1 kg per each were worth 100,000 euros and about 140 million won in our money.

The family waited for the price of gold to rise and decided to put the gold in auction. "In June, the value of gold bars will rise to 108,000 euros (about 150 million won)," said Philip.

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(Photo = 'Rouillac.com' homepage capture)