"New corona of rice Will it be transmitted from person to person in late January?" US CDC May 30 9:53

The US Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) may have been already infected continuously from person to person from late January to early February before the number of people infected with the new coronavirus surged in the United States. I have published a report that says.

In the United States, human-to-human transmission of the new coronavirus was reported for the first time in late February, and in March, the infection spread rapidly in New York and elsewhere.

The CDC traces medical data from several states, including Western Washington, where the first case was confirmed in the United States, and California, in order to find out the exact time at which continuous infection began, by using the new corona. I investigated who might have been infected with the virus.

As a result, in California, symptoms such as fever appeared on January 31, and the virus was detected in the bodies of two people, including those who died in early February, while in Washington, the virus was detected from February 21. The virus was detected in about 1% of those who visited a medical institution for symptoms such as fever during the week.

A close examination of the virus gene revealed that it was the same strain as the infected person who returned to the United States from Wuhan, China on January 15th, and CDC has already passed from person to person from late January to early February. It is possible that there was a continuous infection.

On the other hand, there was no noticeable increase in the number of people who visited a medical institution at the same time due to fever.

The CDC says that it is necessary to prepare an investigation system in order to detect infected persons with the new coronavirus in order to suppress the spread of infection.