Although with the corona, schools will not hold a normal closing party and the festivities will be celebrated either remotely or only in the fall, there are plans for youth gatherings for the closing weekend.

For example, police in Eastern Uusimaa retweeted their commissioner's tweet that young people are planning to “hard dock” for next weekend.

- According to the information provided to the police in Eastern Uusimaa, young people are planning a "hard docking" for the weekend and the police are intervening, but parental support is needed; discuss. The pandemic is not over, given the risks and limitations, everyone is safer, the tweet wrote.

Warm and sunny weather has been promised for the weekend. In southern Finland, it is possible to reach almost 20 degrees Celsius, and in the north, too, sunny weather of just over 10 degrees is expected.

The weather may lure you out, but for example, gathering restrictions for ten people still apply. The gathering limit will not increase to 50 people until June.

Restrictions on meetings apply to meetings held. Thus, for example, several groups of up to ten people can congregate in parks without the intervention of the police.

Police have already said in the past that it will be walking in the usual way for young people over the closing weekend.

The police therefore intend to monitor young people's behavior and alcohol consumption in the normal way. If necessary, the police may be provided with protective equipment such as respirators.

- The emergency is still on. There are no parties at the schools, but it is quite clear that despite the recommendations and restrictions, children and young people will gather together to celebrate the beginning of the summer holidays, Crime Commissioner Simo Kauppinen from the Eastern Uusimaa Police told Ilta-Sanomat earlier.

He also acknowledged that it is not possible for the police at popular meeting places to calculate whether individual groups are larger than the allowed size of ten people.

According to Kauppinen, the police also do not interfere with lawyers, for example, in private premises or courtyards, even if there are more than ten party guests.

- The police monitor public order and security in public places. We have no competence in this matter for private premises covered by the peace of the home.

However, Kauppinen points out that it is still good to be aware that the risk of interest is not over yet. As a result, the authorities' instructions and recommendations, as well as general caution, remain to be followed, even if the police watch is not universal.

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