The US state of Minnesota has announced the dismissal of four policemen, after a controversy on social media, after a video clip showing a black man crying for pressure on his neck during his arrest led to his death.

In a video that was circulating on Tuesday, a policeman was seen putting his knee on the man's neck to prevent him from moving during detention, while chanting "I can't breathe" at a time when some passersby shouted, asking the policeman to stop that.

Mayor of Minneapolis Jacob Frye said on Twitter, on Twitter, that four policemen who were involved in the incident had been fired.

Twitter users circulated a recording that was said to have been released by the owner of a store, and the arrest of the victim by police officers showed no resistance, before he appeared in other records lying on the ground and the policeman pressed his neck.

Local media reported that the dead man was named George Floyd, who is in his 40s.