U.S. black man death protest intensified as Minnesota declares state of emergency May 29, 16:11

In the Midwestern United States, a white police officer restrained a black man's neck with his knees, killing a man, and a protest demonstration intensified in the field and a police station was set on fire and looting, The local governor declared an emergency to calm the situation and ordered the dispatch of national soldiers.

In Minneapolis, Minnesota, in the Midwestern United States, police responded excessively due to racism after a black man died on his knees when he was restrained by white police officers when he was detained by white police officers on the 25th. Thousands of citizens claiming to have been on the ground have protested and some have become mobs.

According to local media, at least 30 arsons were fired one after another, and 16 buildings such as houses and offices were damaged, and in the video from the site, the police station also arson, and the building is igniting. You can see the situation.

In addition, there are citizens who invade commercial facilities and plunder merchandise, and the police are trying to suppress it by firing teardrops.

In response to this situation, Governor Waltz of Minnesota issued a state of emergency on 28th and ordered the dispatch of national soldiers to maintain security.

Protest demonstrations are expanding beyond Minnesota, and it is unlikely that the confusion will subside, with protests in the eastern New York and Midwest Ohio leading to arrests.