China News Service, May 29, according to the US "World Daily" report, Joseph Elledge, an American man suspected of killing Chinese wife Jimou, recently refused to plead guilty in the court of Boone County, Missouri, the judge Brouck Jacobs agreed to Alliji ’s continued appeal. The hearing date will be decided after a hearing on June 26. On the other hand, the Columbia Police Department has recently been under the Lamin River pier, which is most likely to abandon the body. Build a dike, hoping to use this to further search the remains of a woman named Ji.

  At the end of February 2020, the Grand Jury of Missouri prosecuted the murder of Jimou ’s husband, Ai Liji, on the basis of first-degree murder. The court hearing was cancelled because the judge allowed Ali's guilty plea to be appealed. The court plans to decide a new trial date at the June 26 hearing.

  The key to the current case is whether the corpse of Ji can be found. The Colombian police station responsible for investigating the case once said that after cross-checking the suspect statement with its mobile phone map, under the Lamin River bridge that the suspect tried to conceal, On two occasions, the police dog confirmed that there was rotting human remains.

  The Columbus Police Department pointed out that Ali Ji only called the police 36 hours after his wife disappeared. The police said that Ali Ji said the last time he saw his wife was 11:30 in the evening on October 8, when Ji Mou was sleeping in the room at the beginning of the morning on the 9th. At about 8 o'clock, he found his wife was gone, but he didn't call the police until about 4 o'clock on the afternoon of the 10th.

  Jeremiah Hunter, deputy sergeant of the Columbus Police Department, said that in the past few months, the police dispatched a large number of police forces, successively searched for their homes, and followed the local route that the suspect had visited on October 9 Large-scale search of the forest reserve, but none of the victims' bodies were found.

  Police later locked down a Lamming River bridge next to Interstate 70 as the most likely place to abandon the corpse, and launched a large-scale search. They also dispatched water salvage teams many times, but they found nothing.

  The police station has recently built new embankments in the above-mentioned locations with the donation of several organizations to facilitate the deployment of large-scale salvage machines into the riverbed for further search. However, as of the 28th, there was no new discovery of salvage work. (Huang Huiling)