Mika Ihamuotila, Chairman of the Board of Marimekko and the main owner of the company, sparked a discussion yesterday with his tweet, in which he said that the children of his acquaintances had been in Sinebrychoff Park, or “Koff Park”, in Helsinki for some time. Four of the youth group became ill with coronary heart disease.

Ilta-Sanomat reached a friend of Ihamuotila, whose two children were in the park with numerous other young people. The father of 17- and 20-year-olds pointed out to IS that there were hundreds of young people in the park.

- My kids were there in the park, and now their four friends have Korona. Our young people are waiting to be invited to the test and during that time they will be quarantined at home, the man says.

He calls for caution in the school graduation weekend.

- Be careful when going out in groups. No one really knows how easily Korona catches. I would advise young people to avoid cuddling too, he says.

The man believes the warm weather and sunshine will attract people of all ages from their homes to the air: now, first coming weekend, to the parks and, from Monday, to the terraces.

- Terraces open on Monday. Yes, those who enjoy them must also be careful and consider others, he emphasizes.

Mika Ihamuotila, on the other hand, complained in his tweet that the second wave will come in the summer, and the pandemic has not disappeared. He believes the economy still needs to be opened up and each of us has a responsibility, including the parents, to do for their children.

- Indeed, the responsibility lies with each of us, including the parents. Restaurants and workplace supervisors also have a responsibility, and I believe they carry it well, he tells Ilta-Sanomat.

He calls his own tweet a reminder that the pandemic hasn’t gone anywhere.

- At the same time, however, society, social well-being and the economy must be opened up. That is why it is important to warn and remind of a pandemic, he points out and believes that the danger is not over.

Ihamuotila is surprised by a statement that said now is not a good time to go to the cottage.

- Today, Friday, the government's position is still that domestic tourism is not favored. I do not think that the overall assessment is followed here. Isn't it good for the cottage to go to nature in the immediate vicinity to relax and stimulate the domestic economy, he asks.

- You say common sense. It’s good to keep the same common sense when you celebrate the end of school on the weekend.