In the case of Outokumpu's Kalaton Pond, the facts have come to light and the police are aware of the suspicion of a crime, according to the Eastern Finland Police Department. A preliminary investigation into the matter has been launched under the heading of killing.

Police said on Wednesday, May 27, they had received hints that there might be a deceased in Kalaton Pond. Police believe it is possible that the deceased we are now looking for would be a 52-year-old man who disappeared in the area in 2006 and was never found.

On October 29, 2006, the man disappeared from Polvijärvi from a nursing home on Verkkolammentie.

Police at that time conducted searches in the area, but to no avail. Because of the man’s ailments, police find it impossible that he would have walked long distances on foot after his disappearance.

Today, police said they conducted searches in the pond for two days. Searches have been made this week with the help of police dogs both on the pond from the boat and on foot around the pond.

The police will continue the search next week, according to their press release, and cannot yet tell the public about the results of the search.

Next week, staff and equipment specializing in underwater exploration are planned to be used. The police have also requested official assistance from the Gulf of Finland Coast Guard.

Police are still investigating the connection between the disappearance and the information obtained from the case this spring.

Police have interviewed and interrogated several individuals regarding the matter this week, but also earlier this spring. Police are also currently surveying the circle of persons suspected of the crime.

According to the police, the suspects are covered by more people and that investigation is being carried out. Police believe people have information or observations about the deceased in Kalaton Pond that have not been reported to police

Any relevant clues or observations are requested to be reported to 041 4948 141 or by e-mail to