Taiwan Taiwan News, May 28. According to Taiwan ’s “China Times”, the Taiwan authorities ’development affairs department announced the April prosperity lights on April 26, which continue to show yellow and blue lights that represent a downturn in the economy. This is also the second consecutive moon to emit yellow and blue lights. The overall judgment score of the prosperity countermeasure signal was 19 points, a decrease of 1 point from the previous month. The department said that this shows that the island's boom is still being disturbed by the new coronary pneumonia epidemic, and the May boom is still treated conservatively.

  According to reports, the prosperity countermeasure signal is also called the prosperity light signal, which is an indicator that represents the prosperity state with 5 different signal lights. A green light indicates a stable economy, a red light indicates a prosperous network, and a blue light indicates a downturn. Both yellow, red, and yellow-blue lights are cautionary signals, and it is advisable to closely observe whether the subsequent boom turns.

  The department pointed out that among the nine components of the prosperity light number, the industrial production index changed from yellow to red to green, the manufacturing sales index changed from green to yellow and blue, and the wholesale, retail and catering industry turnover changed from green to blue. Down; the import value of machinery and electrical equipment changed from yellow and blue lights to red lights, the score increased. The remaining five lights remain unchanged.

  In terms of prosperity indicators, the leading indicator fell by 1.94% compared with the previous month, which has been the sixth consecutive month of decline, and the decline continued to expand. The 7 items that constitute the leading indicator, in addition to the increase in the real currency total count from the previous month, the remaining 6 items include the export order movement index, the manufacturing business climate test point, the actual semiconductor equipment import value, and the industrial and service industry. The entry rate, stock price index, floor area of ​​buildings under construction, etc. all declined from last month.

  In addition, a research institute in Taiwan released a consumer confidence index of 64.87 points on May 27, a new low since December 2009. Price levels, household economic conditions, the island ’s economic prosperity, employment opportunities, timing of investment in the stock market, and purchase of durable goods, etc. The six indicators are biased towards pessimism. (China Taiwan Net Li Ning)