The demonstrations in Louisville were organized on the occasion of the shooting of Breonna Taylor. Taylor, a 26-year-old black woman, was shot dead by police when they entered her apartment in March this year.

All victims civil

According to a statement from the local police, no police have fired their weapons during the demonstration. All of the victims of the shooting are reported to be civil and a number of arrests have been made. Police have not said anything about who fired the shots, writes the New York Times.

Videos posted on social media hear how multiple shots are fired near a large crowd while people are fleeing the scene.

Noted case

The shooting of Breonna Taylor is one of several notable cases during the spring in which people of African American background fell victim to deadly violence.

Police entered Taylor's apartment as a result of a drug investigation. According to the police themselves, they knocked on the door several times before breaking in and were met by gunfire.

However, Breonna Taylor's boyfriend testified that no one knocked on the door and that he became terrified when the police stormed in. In an alarm call, the boyfriend is heard saying "someone has broken into my apartment and shot my girlfriend". No drugs were found during the operation.

Sister calls for calm

In a message on Facebook, Taylor's sister thanked the protesters for demanding justice but at the same time urged them to keep the protests peaceful.

"Don't fall down to the police levels," she writes.