China News Service, May 29, according to the American Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) reported on the 29th, the large-scale protests caused by the violent law enforcement of the Minnesota police continued to escalate. The protesters occupied the Minneapolis Police Department and set fire. City officials warned residents to leave the area in case the building exploded.

  According to reports, the city of Minneapolis officially posted on social media, "We have received unconfirmed news that the gas pipeline to the third jurisdiction has been cut off and there are other explosives in the building."

On May 27 local time, the police sprayed pepper noodles to the protesters in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

  The Minnesota National Guard has launched operations in the area and said it is helping the fire department reach the fire safely and help put out the fire.

  On the 25th, in Minneapolis, Minnesota, a man of African descent was suspected of using counterfeit money and was kneeled on the knee by a white police officer for at least 7 minutes. During this period, the man kept begging but was ignored. In the end, the man died shortly after being sent to hospital.

  After the incident, although the Mayor of Minneapolis said that the four police officers involved had been dismissed and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) had also begun an investigation, many local people still took to the streets and demanded “stretch justice".

  As protests continued to escalate, on the 28th, Minnesota Governor Tim Waltz signed an executive order announcing a state of emergency throughout the state and will dispatch the State National Guard to maintain order.