Overseas War Epidemics | Parents' entrustment changed from "to study hard" to "to wear a mask when going out

  The epidemic situation of New Coronary Pneumonia continues to spread all over the world. How are the overseas Chinese and foreign students in various countries? China Overseas Chinese Network (ID: qiaowangzhongguo) specially launched a series of manuscripts of "Overseas War Epidemic", telling their "War Epidemic" stories. In this issue, Xu Bihang, a Chinese student studying in the UK, tells us his story of the war epidemic.

  At the end of 2019, I embarked on a flight to the UK again, and opened a new starting point in life. In the seaside city of Brighton, I am very familiar with everything here. I went back to school and looked at a longing and anxious face next to me. There was a hint of emotion in my heart ... As an old senior with 4 years of study abroad experience, it can be described as full of experience. , After nine, nine, eighty-one difficulties.

  The years of studying abroad not only increased my professional knowledge, but also expanded my knowledge, but also exercised my ability to take care of myself. The next life is as usual, living peacefully every day, everything is orderly, peaceful and natural.

Information Picture: The picture shows that the road in front of the British Parliament Building is sparse, and there are few people. China News Service reporter Zhang Pingshe

  However, the good times didn't last long, just when we sent blessings to our family and friends for the New Year's Eve, a strange but dangerous guy, the new crown virus, quietly spread in China.

  During that time, not only did I have to attend classes every day, but I also had to worry about the safety of my domestic family. Although I am not in the country, I can't feel the same, but I often hold a mobile phone every night and brush the news, silently praying for my compatriots.

  After 76 days, Wuhan was unsealed, and I was relieved when I saw the good news of the "four nos" from every province and city in the news.

  However, the outbreak soon broke out in Europe. Parents who are far away in the country originally called the phone every week into a "chagang" of three meals a day. The original “mantra” of “listening to the lesson and studying hard” has also become “going out wearing a mask and washing your hands before going home”.

Empty shelves in the supermarket. (Photo by author)

  In mid-March, British universities successively announced the suspension of classes and changed to online courses. For a time, tens of thousands of international students began to buy air tickets to plan for their return home. I also started to make two-handed plans. First, I was fortunate enough to buy a ticket to go back to China. Second, I hoarded materials and prepared myself for a long-term battle against the epidemic.

  When I first started implementing the home segregation policy in the UK, my daily job was to open dozens of ticket booking websites for non-stop brushing tickets, buy one for invalidation, buy another one, and forfeit again. It was really the song: " Hope for a vicious circle of disappointment. " When the fourth ticket I purchased was void, I made up my mind not to return to China in the near future. So he started hoarding goods, and told his roommates to only go to the supermarket to buy food once a week, and isolate himself at home at other times.

Information picture: The picture shows the toilet paper that was sold out in the early stage of the outbreak, and it is now filled with supermarket shelves in London. China News Service reporter Zhang Pingshe

  I remember that day, my roommate and I put on masks and gloves to go shopping in the supermarket. In order to stagger the peak, we chose to go to the supermarket before work. As a result, the supermarket staff informed that it was near work and could not enter.

  When we turned around and returned home, a middle-aged woman stopped us and pointed to the shopping cart next to it. "I still have some food left here. If you want, you can take them away."

  We were very touched at the time, and those who had never lived with us were willing to share half of our food for free, especially during this special period. Considering that we still have stocks in our home and the potential danger of not causing further cross-infection of food, we declined the lady. But this scene has been memorable for a long time!

  Of course, the motherland did not forget us. First, JD Logistics sent us free medical masks, and then received the health pack from the embassy! The distribution of health packages is based on the university student association. When volunteers are recruited, more than 80 people have signed up for volunteers in just 3 minutes ...

The goods received. (Photo by author)

  I treat life as my first love, life abuses me thousands of times. Even so, our international students still do not have any complaints about life, and hope to live well the next day, because we know that at midnight every parent is willing to hang up the phone, greeting them is not only with We have a dark night with jet lag, but the heavy worry about your unwillingness to talk and frown.

The goods received. (Photo by author)

  In a foreign country, every foreign student is very acquainted with only good news and no worry. When we listen to our parents '"ears of ears", it's not that we seem to be impatient on the surface, it's just that we want to change the subject quickly to reduce the parents' worries. On this "epidemic", although it is two generations, it makes me know more about the unselfish and unbreakable love of affection! May there be no more viruses in the world, and may everyone be reunited with their families! May my motherland be prosperous and prosperous forever!

  Author: Hang Xu Bi