Radiation generated by 5g technology has raised health concerns, although there is no scientific evidence of side effects. The BBC reports a USB flash drive sold online called 5GBioShield, which promises to protect its user and even his entire house from 5g.

According to the product’s website, 5GBioShield “balances and re-harmonizes” the “interfering frequencies” caused by “electronic fog” of devices such as telephones by taking advantage of “quantum oscillation”.

The product is apparently intended to be used by carrying it or placing it near a smartphone. Thus, it is not at all clear why it is made as a USB stick to be connected to a computer at all. It can only hold 128 megabytes of data, which is very little on the current scale. According to the website, the storage space contains information about the operation of the alleged security technology. The page gives a price of £ 349.60, or about € 391, when ordering in Finland.

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The images on the 5GBioShield website are from online image archive services and have a bubble effect added afterwards. Screenshot of 5GBioShield website.

Ken Munro of Pen Test Partners, which specializes in researching various devices, found out about the stick and came to the conclusion that its only factor that distinguishes a few euros from a normal stick is a round sticker. That, too, is remarkably reminiscent of stickers sold in sheets for a few cents. Disassembly of the device did not reveal any radiation shielding electronics. There was only an LED light and a circuit board that are all USB sticks.

Anna Grochowalska, a spokeswoman for BioShield Distribution, which distributes the product, assured the BBC that they have a considerable amount of technical information and background research, but they are not allowed to share it with the public. According to the representative, the price of the stick is justified when, among other things, production costs and the price paid for intangible assets are included.