On Ascension Day, many Dutch people went out, so that intervention had to be done in various places because of the crowds. However, this has not led to additional measures being taken in busy areas this Pentecost weekend, according to a tour of NU.nl.

Ascension went into the books as the first summer day of the year. On that day, many Dutch people went to the coastal area. It became so busy that safety regions called for them not to come to the Dutch seaside resorts anymore.

Especially the images of the beach of Scheveningen attracted attention. They showed that thousands of beachgoers were close together. However, there is no reason to take additional measures, says a spokesman for the municipality of The Hague.

"We use the same measures as with Ascension. There is a limited availability of parking spaces. And if it does get too busy, we will close certain roads."

According to the municipality, the visitors of Scheveningen "neatly" adhered to the 1.5 meters distance during Ascension.


Crowds and traffic jams at Dutch beaches on radiant Ascension Day

"We don't ask people to throw down their towels right away"

During Ascension Day, traffic jams arose early on the roads to Zeeland. The boulevard in Vlissingen, a popular route with good weather, was closed to traffic. For the time being, the Zeeland Safety Region does not intend to take preventive measures at Pentecost.

"The security region, the municipality and local companies are mainly focusing on communication this weekend," said a spokesperson for the Zeeland Safety Region. "We don't ask people to throw down their towels on Domburg beach right away. Go two more steps and you'll discover much quieter beaches you've never been to."

However, the security region is closely monitoring the situation with a system that allows GPS data and photos from social media to monitor how busy it is in certain places.

"I think it is not unlikely that the boulevard of Vlissingen will be closed again on this basis," said the spokesperson.

A sign reminds beachgoers in Zeeland to keep 1.5 meters away. (Photo: Pro Shots)

'We prefer to intervene where necessary'

It became busy not only in coastal areas, but also in the interior during Ascension Day. For example on the river Eem in Amersfoort, where even fights eventually broke out. No extra measures will be taken there this weekend either. "We prefer to intervene where necessary," said a spokesperson for the Utrecht Safety Region.

In Amsterdam, measures had to be taken on Ascension as too many people went to the parks. Park Somerlust even got so busy that it had to be evacuated.

"We are not focusing on discouraging this weekend, but on encouraging certain behavior. In the Bogortuin, Park Somerlust and Westerpark, for example, we put circles in the grass where people can sit, so that automatic distance is kept" , said a spokesman for the municipality of Amsterdam.

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