Karoliina Roos, who works in the welfare sector, says on Instagram that she divorced her husband Patrick Roos after less than a year of marriage.

- I wouldn't want to talk about relationships here, but I see no reason why I could say this here, Karoliina writes in her Instagram stories.

- Some things sometimes come to an end and not everything is made to work, no matter how you want and try. This was also the case for us and we have been separated for some time. Still, I can still believe in love and a working relationship when I accept the other as it is, he continues.

The couple said they put the separation papers in the post a month ago, but had reversed their decision. Now Karoliina says the difference is valid.

Photo: Karoliina Roos' home album

Karoliina, reached by IS, confirms the resignation news, but does not want to comment on it further. He hopes the couple can recover from the situation in peace.

Karoliina told IS last month how things were better than ever six months ago. He had just married the man of his life and was working hard.

After the wedding, the couple remained living apart, as reuniting a new family family and finding a suitable home proved challenging. Karolina has two children from her previous relationship, Patrick one. Eventually, they found the semi-detached house of their dreams in Kerava. The move was agreed for April.

However, Korona changed her plans and completely confused the commonplace that had just begun.

- We had a terrible circus at home and at the same time stress from work, money, and all the little things of everyday life. They quickly caused friction between us. Eventually, at the end of one dispute, I printed divorce papers and challenged you to sign, Karoliina said three weeks ago.

- He then signed and said okay, I'll put it in this post, he continued.

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At that time, Karoliina said that the posting of separation papers had already been regretted. The situation apparently did not improve, as the couple ended up a month after the previous divorce decision.

On her Instagram account, Karoliina says she will stay with her children in a new apartment and thanks her family members for the support they received.

Karoliina with her sisters Nanna and Pirkke.

Photo: Jussi Helttunen

The couple's relationship has been broken before. Karoliina told IS last summer how the couple had momentarily divorced, but soon returned together. However, the wedding was postponed until the fall.

Karoliina and Patrick got married on October 26 last year at the Helsinki Cathedral Chapel with spectacular expenses. The whole family was involved, except for Karolina's sister Nanna.

Karoliina and Patrick were married in October 2019.

Photo: Henrik Koivisto

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The duo first got to know each other already ten years ago at the Helsinki Ice Rink, when Patrick, who works as a personal trainer, had spotted a blonde beauty in the auditorium. At that time, however, Karoliina was in a relationship.

Karoliina has previously appeared in public as one of the pilots of the Wellness Model competition.

Photo: Joonas Salo

Two years ago, the duo’s paths re-encountered a dating app in Tinder. Patrick didn't delay, but immediately put a message to Karolina.

- He wrote me a long message and joked about how ten years he has been looking for me. We saw right away and it was going. Everything had its time and moment, He told IS in the summer.