According to her, the regime of walks in Moscow "at first glance may seem complicated and strange."

“I understand that hanging a schedule of walks of each individual house may seem tricky ... And what will happen if Muscovites who have come to celebrate the festivities all leave at the same time. Of course, we are very afraid of this situation, ”she said.

Rakova noted that in no case should the epidemiological situation worsen. 

“Therefore, we ask for a little more patience, to see how this regimen will operate for two weeks. And if we don’t just see new cases, if the situation only improves, we can take further measures to weaken the regime, ”said the vice mayor.

She noted that “in this case, it is better to act slowly, gradually, but surely, to go in the direction of opening the city than to roll back”, as it was in some other countries.

Starting June 1, Moscow will be allowed to take walks according to certain rules. The city authorities reported that for each house on, the Yandex Internet portal and a schedule of “walking days” will be published in mobile applications.