China News Service, May 29, according to the Japanese "Chinese Herald" reported that a few days ago, the "mutual aid mask reserve" project in Kagawa Prefecture, Japan was officially launched, and the Overseas Chinese Federation of the Four Kingdoms responded to the call as the first donation group to the Kagawa Prefecture Government. 10,000 masks were donated. The donation ceremony was successfully held in Kagawa Prefecture, Japan.

  Kagawa Prefecture Governor Hamada Kazuo, Governor ’s Office Chief Ozaki Eiji, Kagawa Prefecture Parliament Japan-China Friendship Council Union President Naoki Yamamoto and other representatives attended the meeting, and after the handover of materials was completed, Zhang Jiashu, the chairman of the Shikoku Overseas Chinese Federation Forum.

  It is reported that the “Mutual Masks Repository” project is to distribute masks received from enterprises and social groups to local families including pregnant women, elderly people over 75 years old, physical disorders and other high-risk families. To prepare for the second peak of new coronary infections that may come, it is in line with the public health development plan advocated by the Japanese government that "all people focus on prevention and joint anti-epidemic".

  Hamada made thanks to the Overseas Chinese Federation of the Four Kingdoms for their strong support for this project, and introduced the status and deployment of the epidemic resistance in the county, and asked Zhang Jiashu about the situation of Chinese companies and social groups in Japan during the epidemic. The two sides exchanged views extensively, and the discussion atmosphere was very harmonious.