Honorary Mori Instructing the staff “Former Kurokawa Prosecutor's Action: A Great Impact on Trust” May 29, 15:20

Following the resignation of the former Attorney General Kurokawa of the Tokyo High Public Prosecutor's Office on the betting Mahjong issue, Minister of Justice Mori gave an instruction to a senior official of the Ministry of Justice on the 29th, saying, `` Mr. Kurokawa's actions are a great blow to the trust in the law and the prosecution. The idea is to raise the organization and strive to restore trust. "

Minister of Justice Mori's instruction was held online to prevent infection with the new coronavirus.

In this, Minister Mori said, "This time the prosecutor's conduct will seriously damage the trust in the legal affairs and the public prosecution, and it is extremely inappropriate and truly regrettable. It must be said that it shakes the trust of the people. I cannot avoid the harsh criticism. I feel a strong resentment and responsibility. "

After that, I called to think again about the importance of compliance.

He added, "I believe that even in such a difficult situation, you will take steps to restore the trust of the people. As the Minister of Justice, I will do my utmost to ensure that all employees proudly fulfill their assigned duties. I will do my best. "