China Overseas Chinese Network, May 29, according to the "European Times" Central and Eastern European version of the WeChat public account "East to West", on May 26 local time, Ye Xiaorong, Executive Chairman of the Qingtian Association of Hungary, Zhang Yongwei and Executive Vice President Drive to the Szigethalom Egyesített Népjóléti Intézmény in Szigetszentmiklós, Pest, Szigetszentmiklós, more than 40 kilometers from the outskirts of Budapest, for the elderly, special education children and care The staff delivered 4,000 medical disposable masks and conveyed President Ji Jianzhong's deep regards to everyone.

  Fáki László, the mayor of Higate San Miklos, accepted the donated items, and thanked the Hungarian Qingtian Association for donations. He said that there are 89 old people and 32 special education children living in the welfare home. After the outbreak, the welfare home follows the instructions of the national epidemic prevention team. All staff must wear protective clothing and masks when contacting the elderly. Cut off contact with outsiders. Due to effective measures, the record of "zero" infections is maintained here and will not be taken lightly in the future.

  Higate Holom Comprehensive Welfare Institute and the Hungarian Qingtian Township Association have forged a deep friendship before. Every major festival, the Hungarian Qingtian Township Association will come here with daily necessities and holiday gifts to spend time with the elderly and children festival.

  The Hungarian Qingtian Association is a united and caring society, especially during the epidemic. It helped lead the way in isolating people, assisting vulnerable groups, and freely distributing masks. Department recognition and praise. (Li Haodong)