China Overseas Chinese Network, May 29, according to the Malaysian "Sihua Daily" reported that a few days ago, the director of the Shah Alam Police District in Malaysia, Baharudin, pointed out at a press conference that the police received a report from a Chinese woman, saying that she suffered "killing pigs" Disk ", was defrauded of 60,000 ringgit.

  "The female victim met a man who claimed to be from Switzerland via Facebook two months ago, and fell in love under the sweet words of the other party. The man has since expressed that he will send a $ 2 million worth of gold jewelry And valuable packages of valuables. "

  He revealed that the victim listened to the other party and paid a "customs clearance fee" of 60,000 ringgits to a person who claimed to be an employee of the transportation company. However, he was unable to obtain the parcel until he discovered that he was deceived.

  "The police launched an investigation after receiving the report and launched an operation in the Shah Alam area. They successfully arrested five Nigerian men and women for investigation, and continued to destroy a fraudulent group."

  On the other hand, Baharudin pointed out that the police will investigate the incident.