Now there is no point in making fun of nurses or other health professionals.

But their representative organizations Tehystä and Super is a reason to say a few words, when the public side of the agreement was received yesterday the names below.

Especially Tehy.

Tehyn Millariikka Rytkönen's totally unrealistic game ended yesterday like a wall. He returns from the spring labor market tour to Tehy's home office as Napoleon from Moscow in 1812.

Under the guise of unfulfilled promises.

Already in the fall and throughout the spring, Tehy threatened that it would demand - and not back down - its own payroll program, with caregivers ’pay raised 1.8 percent above the general line in the export industry for ten years into the pipeline. So all the time more than others.

The price tag would have been 800 million per year, according to employer estimates, 8 billion in ten years.

Now Markku Jalonen, the labor market director of Municipal Employers, summarized the result so that the agreement is in line with the general line.

Tehy got what the others did, no more, no less: 1.2 percent increases this year, one percent increases next year. Kiky leaves, but it would have left anyway. There will be no interest compensation demanded by Tehy.

Tehy gets the much-needed sote contract, but that too was already available on May Day. The Sote agreement is not the carers' own, but will transfer all existing social and health care staff.

Tehy’s demands were insane even before the corona, and after the corona they became even more insane. The municipal sector does not have the money required by Tehy, nor does the state. After the coronavirus, municipal tax revenues will collapse.

REQUIREMENTS TEHY would have dragged the entire public sector, not by TEHY alone would have netted off the pot.

Normally, there is a spark in labor market negotiations between workers 'and employers' unions.

So even now, but during the spring TEHY Rytkönen managed to antagonize their other public-sector employee unions. Tehy was accused on the employee side of being an unskilled, greedy gambler at the labor market table.

The actual alliance was given to the other unions when Tehy and Super overthrew the reconciliation proposal of the Kingdom Mediator under the rod. All other unions would have accepted the solution.

For example, JHL publicly accused Teh of distorting, if not lying.

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Tehy had been prepared before the corona for a hard game and possible strikes.

Something about Tehy's sense of the situation says that it didn't know how to change its playbook even after the corona, but still attached its head in the heavens on May Day and overturned the municipal contract.

Fortunately, within a month, some sort of realism won. Maybe Tehykin finally realized that the situation in the municipal sector will not improve by the autumn - it will get worse. The bottom of the strike weapon had gone, the people would not have accepted it.

The question fits what Tehy's members thought?

So now we are not talking about the union's trade union activists, who have appeared alongside Rytkönen with their fists upright along the spring.

Hopefully this will happen more generally in the labor market from the lesson of realism. It is difficult to live with unpromised promises.

The game of Tehy-Active has also involved outrage. On Twitter and social media, for example, the image of employers' Markku Jalo has been painted and created as if Jalonen could calculate the wage-raising money for the workers from his own wallet.

The spirit has been evil. At the made office, there has been little intervention.

Millariikka Rytkönen has been a strong candidate for the chairmanship of her central organization STTK after Antti Palola.

After this round, the situation may be different.

Yesterday, the municipal sector agreed on a two-year agreement, in which the increases are the same for OAJ's Olli Luukkainen's (left) teachers and Tehyn Millariikka Rytkönen's nurses. According to Markku Jalonen (Central), RK's director of the labor market, the cost effect is in line with the general line of “prikulle”.

Photo: Vesa Moilanen