Rebecca Taylor and Caroline Paredes had planned to fill the student body with the help of jobs this summer. Now, instead, they are preparing for a jobless summer vacation. Caroline Paredes' job in security control at Arlanda was canceled when air traffic stopped.

- You do not know how it will be late. It is the feeling of uncertainty that gives rise to a lot of anxiety, she says.

No jobs in the service profession

The number of registered summer jobs at the place bank has fallen sharply compared to last year. In April, 7015 ads were out, halving compared with 2019. Mainly, there are jobs in care and care.

- It is often jobs that require some type of expertise in the area, says Caroline Paredes.

Traditional extra jobs in a café, shop or restaurant shine with their absence.

- The jobs that exist disappear quickly. It's incredibly high competition, says Rebecca Taylor.

Want to be able to take student loans in the summer

As a solution, they would like to see some kind of financial support for students.

- It would be fun to see if CSN can think about allowing students to take out loans this summer even if they are not studying. Just because we're in a pandemic, says Rebecca Taylor.