Bernie Ecclestone, who turns 90 in October, will soon become a father again when she has offspring with her husband, 44-year-old Fabiana Flos.

Ecclestone told the British newspaper Evening Standard that he was very excited.

According to him, the couple has been hoping to have a child for four or five years.

“I would assume I’m going to give the little one a lot more attention than I gave to my daughters,” Ecclestone says.

Ecclestone has three daughters from her previous relationship. The first daughter Deborah was born in 1955, the second aka Tamara in 1984 and Petra in 1988. At the time of their birth, Ecclestone was still busy in working life. He served in formula number one from the 1950s to the winter of 2017, when the series was finally transferred in 2016 to Liberty Media, which took it over.

Bernie Ecclestone with his wife Fabiana Flos in Switzerland at the turn of the year.

Photo: Fred Et Rick / Zuma / MVPhotos