Lil 'Crispy represents the lightest section in the company's catalog, but it doesn't remain a useless snack alongside the most boosted bottles. Vice versa. An almost bright, reddish-golden color, a sturdy foam flower and an exaggerated alcohol content raise the feeling of thirst. The balance of water, malt and hops in the aroma and taste is convincing. Introduced by citrus, pine needles and a sandwich-like aroma, one immerses oneself in a pungent, cognate taste. The bitterness subsides in a long aftertaste. Light and fresh. Did anyone mention summer already?

Country of manufacture: United States.

Alcohol content: 4.8%.

Availability: Alko (order selection, 6.59 euros)

Food recommendation: Tuna poke.

Scores: 95-100: Classic, 90-94: Excellent, 85-89: Good, 80-84: Satisfactory, 70-79: Adequate, 50-69: Poor.