The Sudanese army announced on Thursday that the Ethiopian militias supported by the Ethiopian army assaulted the lands and resources of the country, noting that the "attacks" resulted in the death of a Sudanese officer, the injury of six soldiers, and the loss of another.

Sudanese Armed Forces spokesman Amer Muhammad Al-Hassan said that Ethiopian militias backed by the Ethiopian army crossed the border with Sudan, and sporadic clashes took place with units of the Sudanese army, killing an officer and a child and wounding six soldiers and three civilians, adding that the clashes took place in the Al-Baraka area (east). Sudan).

The military official said that "Ethiopian militias backed by her country's army have continued to encroach on Sudanese lands and resources during the past two days." So far, there has been no comment from the Ethiopian side about the Sudanese army's accusations.

Earlier Thursday, the official Sudanese News Agency said that an attack by an Ethiopian militia on border villages in the east of the country resulted in the killing of a Sudanese officer with the rank of captain.

The agency added that the Sudanese-Ethiopian border in the state of Gedaref witnessed tension after the incursion of members of an Ethiopian militia and its assault on some agricultural projects in the area of ​​Barka Norit, and the village of Al-Forsan.

There is no border conflict
, and periods of preparation for the agricultural season and harvest in Sudan in the border areas with Ethiopia usually witness breakthroughs and attacks by armed gangs outside the control of the Addis Ababa authorities; With the aim of seizing resources.

The Sudanese forces are also clashing with Ethiopian militias in the border area of ​​Al-Fashqa, in the Sudanese state of Gedaref in the east of the country, which is a remote agricultural region.

On May 21, a high-level Sudanese government delegation ended its four-day visit to the Ethiopian capital, in which they held discussions on the issue of the border between the two countries.

At the end of the visit, the Khartoum government said - in a statement - that the areas on the border between the two countries continued to witness encroachments by citizens and members of the Ethiopian militia, and there is no dispute over their dependency on Sudanese territory, and that Ethiopia has never claimed dependency on the region for it.