May 29, 2020 Taking advantage of the fragility of older people, he promised, in exchange for money, to remove the evil eye, communicate with the deceased and also the possibility of performing exorcisms.

With these accusations, the Guardia di Finanza of Lodi arrested a self-styled magician and two of his family members for criminal association aimed at aggravated fraud and the recycling of money of illicit origin.

The 'magician' is Renzo Martini, aka Candido. Martini worked a lot on TV and through social media and gradually, over time, he had become, in Castelgerundo (Lodi), also a public figure giving the Municipality what was indicated as most useful for the local community: just a few months ago, he had donated for example a minivan.  

The yellow flame operation involving over 50 financiers also led to the seizure of assets and other utilities for a total amount of 3.6 million euros.