Annimari Kortte's spring has been completely different from what the quick fence star imagined.

Korte spent a long training period in the United States in the spring, which became more complex than planned due to the corona situation. The return to Finland was not completely straightforward either.

The authentic star, who previously lived in Spain, moved to Helsinki a couple of weeks ago, where he bought his first apartment of his own.

The hassle of moving to Pasila has kept Kortte busy in recent days, but despite the lack of a night's sleep, the new home is a matter of great joy.

- I am really satisfied with the solution. Everything is so easy here where I live, and everything is so close. The most important thing for me was to get peace of mind in my apartment. It makes everyday life and the stressful life of an athlete easier when you have your own cabin, which shows wonderful sunsets, Korte says.

And those sunny evenings are insane, you can see in the pictures sent by Kortte.

The card's new home offers magnificent views over western Helsinki.

Photo: Annimari Korte

The decision to move to Finland had been raging in Kortte's mind for a long time.

- For the last couple of years I have been thinking that I have to be good in Finland. Here, quite simple things, like that the washing machine works, the apartment is warm and the shower becomes hot water, are much better than elsewhere. The quality of life is better here.

The Spanish rental apartment was convenient for training, but much of the year was still spent elsewhere due to a sports career.

- I've been training with the Dutch national team and thought it would be nice to visit the camps with other top athletes more. I paid a large part of the year in vain for rent in Spain, but in addition to the camps, however, I spend half of the year in Finland due to the race season.

- Of course, it is better to buy your own apartment and thus invest in yourself than to pay rent, Korte states.

Kortte's new apartment is a one-bedroom apartment located in Pasila, the view of which from the balcony was an essential thing when making the purchase decision.

- Soothing scenery was the most important thing for me. An athlete’s life is stressful, so it’s important that the mind calms down when you get home. The sunset behind Central Park is a good thing for the athlete.

It is important for the card that he be able to calm his mind in the hard everyday life of an athlete.

Photo: Annimari Korte

Korte is used to living in uncertainty. It has facilitated the position of the fox star in a corona crisis.

The SE woman of the women's quick fences will get to start her competition summer next weekend. The 32-year-old helper will take part in the Uusi Alku athletics event on June 7 in Lahti.

- It's nice to get to the race next week, when the hall season was interrupted. I’m certainly not really in race condition yet, but it doesn’t matter as long as people get to see that there are races and everything is getting back to normal, Korte says.

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Korte interrupted his hall season after one race due to back pain, but the concern turned out to be a false alarm. Now the lure is in good physical condition.

- Sure, there is always some little pain, but nothing has stopped training. I've been really good shape, Korte says happily.

Before the onset of the corona crisis, Korte traveled to a training camp in Florida in late February. Although mobility restrictions posed their own challenges to training quickly, there were good lessons left in the back pocket from a couple of months spent in the United States.

Annimari Korte emotionally after running the new SE 12.72 in Joensuu on July 24, 2019.

Photo: Minna Raitavuo / Lehtikuva

- I had to train at half past six in the morning, because I had to be off the field before eight in the morning. Of course, you don’t get quite as effective workouts as you normally would, but you learned that a good result can be achieved at a time when you just position yourself correctly.

- There were also a couple of good coaches watching my workouts, and I got really good tips from them. I found the time in the United States really useful.

The exceptional spring of the card, which is unique to the card, brightened at the latest when the Tokyo Olympics were postponed by a year to the summer of 2021.

A harder blow, however, was the cancellation of the Paris European Championships scheduled for late summer. There, last season’s third-fastest European fast-track fitter would have realistically battled for a value medal.

According to Kortte, the motivation to practice has not suffered, even though one big goal had to be thrown in the trash.

- It has been easy to see that the most important thing for me is finding my own boundaries, and because of that, motivation has never decreased at all. I’m still trying to run my records this summer, and it’s been a clearly bigger goal for myself than the Olympics or the European Championships, Korte lines.

Annimari Korte and Nooralotta Neziri are Finland's leaders in quick fences.

Photo: Timo Aalto / Lehtikuva

The total turmoil of the race season was certainly a shock, but for an eternal fighter suffering from numerous serious injuries and health concerns along his rocky career, life in the midst of uncertainty is a familiar task.

- It seems that I am used to the fact that everything always goes wrong. This has not felt any bad, especially as with illnesses and other problems accustomed to the presence of uncertainty about the future.

Where many competitors are facing new kinds of mental challenges, difficult years have prepared Kortte to deal with even big adversities with peace of mind.

- This was actually a pretty relieving thing in the sense that this is like a normal situation for me. The uncertainty about the future that has been normal for me in the past is now similar to others. It has been easy to deal with.

Korte has talked about a strange situation with his competitors, at least with Nooralotta Nezir.

- I talked with Noora Lotan somewhat. When the other camps were canceled, we have planned joint workouts. This weekend I was supposed to go to Jyväskylä to train, but due to the moving work, I haven't been able to sleep a good night's sleep for a month, so now I had to put the rest before the joint workouts.

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Although the value competitions have been canceled this year, there are enough entries in Kortte's competition calendar. After the Lahti Games, the fast kite will compete in the domestic fields next time on June 27th. Espoo theme competitions.

- After that, there are competitions almost every week until the September match in Sweden.

Korte has also been attached to the Impossible Games in Oslo in two weeks' time with Bislett.

Annimari Korte qualified for the semi-finals at the World Championships in Doha, where he ran for the same period as the first round, ie 12.97.

Photo: Martti Kainulainen / Lehtikuva